This site is dedicated to Charlie Sprinkle, a man of honor.

           The people of America fund government to provide those services they choose to handle through that agency.  However, the people retain always the individual rights and sovereignty that is the birth right of all people before the existence of any government.  As Thomas Jefferson pointed out in the Declaration of Independence, the people are reluctant to make  drastic changes in the institutions familiar to them, though that remains their right absolutely. 

             Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties are among the most corrupted court systems in our nation today.  Therefore, we have decided to use them to demonstrate how a people can assert their right to hold those entrusted with the justice system accountable for their many wrong-doings. 

              Our tools are the truth, the Constitution, and the Common Law. 

              This process will begin by ensuring that all judges sitting on the benches in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties have fulfilled the lawful, Constitutional requirements by having on file a signed, dated and notarized Oath of Office.  That Oath must be full and complete.   See the sections of the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution for the State of California to see the correct form for the Oath. 

               Each judge must also pay for a bond.  That bond ensures that he or she can be held personally accountable for any action taken while lawfully holding the office.

               Now, we have demanded the above information.  It will be published here as soon as we receive it.