Below is the list of 'judicial officers' presently sitting on the bench for Ventura County.  Are any of them honest?  Lt us know if you had a good experience there; if the law was  followed; if the judge in your case was lawfully sitting, with his Oath of Office signed, notarized and complete.  If there was only one paragraph this was not the case.  Judges must also provide a bond, paid for by themselves since this affirms their personal accountability.  Know it this is the case before you accept the authority of any judge. 

     If you want to help us restore justice go to the Contact page and let us know. 

Back, Brian J. Judge 33
Borrell, Mark S. Commissioner 21
Brodie, Edward F. Judge 47
Bysshe, Frederick H., Jr. Judge 41
Clark, Bruce A. Judge 12
Cloninger, James P. Judge 25
Conroy, Ellen Gay Judge 32
Daily, Douglas W. Judge 26
DeNoce, Kevin G. Judge 23
Dobroth, John E. Judge 48
Flaherty, Jeanne Case Management Attorney 22B
Hirsch, David M. Commissioner 10
Kellegrew, Kent M. Judge 44
Long, David W. Judge 11
Lund, Roger L. Commissioner 34
McGee, Kevin J. Assistant Presiding Judge /
Supervising Criminal Judge
Murphy, Patricia Judge 37
O'Neill, Vincent J., Jr. Supervising Civil Judge 22
Redmond, William R. Commissioner 45
Reiser, Glen M. Judge 40
Riley, Ken W. Judge 43
Riley, Rebecca S. Judge 46
Smiley, John R. Supervising Family Law Judge 31
Walsh, Harry J. Judge 42
White, Colleen Toy Presiding Judge 36
Worley, David R. Judge 27
Young, Bruce Judge 24