What has taken place could not have happened unless the system was itself vulnerable to becoming corrupted.  All systems that remove the people from direct control of their lives ignore the reality of human nature.  That said, those who have profited from corrupt practices must be punished to the full extent of law.  They must not benefit from their criminal acts by as much as two pepper seeds.  They must be shamed, excoriated, denounced, and left homeless.  That example will build a disincentive for a repeat of the same behavior by others.

            There are others without whom Anderle and other judges could not have profited.  These include attorneys, real estate managers, those in law enforcement who covered for their schemes and others who were allowed to profit. 

            Part of the present plan is to build out the picture.  If you have names and proof please send that information to us so it can be included.  Nothing will be made public now. 

Send information to:  Charlie