Charles Sprinkle, VP Investigations


Charles Sprinkle has been fighting the forces of injustice since he first became aware of the misuse of government in the early 70s. He has used his considerable intelligence and innovation to find the means to achieve just outcomes when this appeared to be impossible.

Sprinkle has extensive experience with security and intelligence work.

Sprinkles created precedent in the battle to preserve the intention and function of government by the people when the tide of fascism was steadily advancing, beginning his work in the 1970s and establishing some of the first examples of citizen pro se law activism.


  • Rapid and incisive strategic insights

  • Honed and well constructed campaign skills.

  • 40 years of on-the-ground experience with the Constitution in usage.

  • Broad background in real life situations unusual to corporate America.


Owner and Operator: Charles Sprinkles Construction
Responsible for all aspects of construction from contract to construction; managed subcontractors and employees, carried out bookkeeping, and billing. Also handled acquisition of jobs.

Superintendent of construction: Shell Oil, Union Oil, Texaco Oil.

Supervised all aspects of work, including managing employees, production of product, and oversight of plant on oil derricks in the Santa Barbara Channel Off shore Ventura Co.

Owner and Operator: Commonwealth Detective Agency
Managed and carried out the operations of the company, including billing, client relations, advertising, bookkeeping, and outreach in Falls Church, Virginia.

Owner and Operator: Metropolitan Detective Agency

Managed and carried out the operations of the company, including billing, client relations, advertising, bookkeeping, and outreach in Washington, D. C.

Pilot, certified for all types of aircraft: Independent Contractor.

Executive pilot for Ventura Co. Fair Board, for the Physicians Association in Ventura, California, and for other clients across the country.

Superintendent: Crown TV and Appliance Service for California

Built & serviced first cable system in Ventura Co. CA.

Member: United States Taxpayers Association, Ventura

Sued Governor Reagan and his wife, DA and his wife and others for conspiracy to violate his Constitutional rights and for impersonating government officials. The suit was settled, giving Mr. Sprinkles free and untrammeled access to the roads without having a driver's license.

Warden: Jail for Judges. Ventura County

Public association working for repair of the justice system. The Warden is the CEO of the organization.

Bounty Hunter: Brouwn Bail Bond, Ventura Co.

Located individuals who had skipped bail and returned them to the appropriate jurisdiction.

Superintendent of Construction: General Dynamics

Supervised ongoing construction, responsible for materials, personnel, and scheduling, at San Nicolas Navy Base.

Heavy Equipment Instructor, For Brown and Root, Battle Mountain, NV.

Provided instruction in the use of heavy equipment for the company.

Activist: Fighting Unjust laws

While engaging the system Mr. Sprinkles beat the Phone tax, State Franchise Tax Board, the IRS., Personal Property Tax and the Contractors License Board.


  • Normal School
    - George Mason Falls Church, Virginia

  • United States Air Force
    - Air Police, highest rank of service awarded

  • Associate Equivalent, Electronics
    - Ventura Collage

Awards, Inventions:

  • Patent – Side blade working off a piece of machinery with wheels.